Contents Lean Construction Ireland Annual Book of Cases 2020 70 Ca e 17 Figure 1. Digital enabled Project Delivery (DePD) PM Group has an established reputation for developing and implementing innovations that solve our clients’ business challenges and result in enhanced performance, flexibility, and competitiveness. Since our foundation in 1973, our products and services have been focused on providing design, construction, and commissioning services that deliver the physical assets that enable our clients, in turn, to provide their own products and services. Digital enabled Project Delivery (DePD) now enables us to provide a full digital asset in additional to the physical one. This most recent DePD innovation expands our delivery capability further. However, what sets this apart from previous innovations is the fusion of Lean thinking and practices which has resulted in the following: • Innovations in our products and services – we now couple the digital asset to that of the physical asset. • Innovations in our delivery process – the elimination of non-value-added activity. • Innovations in the way we organise and manage people – earlier and extended engagement of the entire project delivery community. These DePD innovations, have exposed additional synergies in performance, flexibility, and competitiveness that extract further beneficial use from all the innovations on which this implementation of digital technology is built upon. Company Overview PM Group pmgroup-global.com Overview & Background to the Lean Initiative Colum Lynch Michael Kerr Authors PM Group manages the design, construction and commissioning of high-tech facilities. We are an employee-owned company with over 48 years’ experience working for the world’s leading pharma, food, data centre, and medical technology companies. We deliver projects across Europe, the USA, and Asia.