Contents Lean Construction Ireland Annual Book of Cases 2020 Case 6 a structured innovation process that allows us to understand the next steps. We have a dedicated digital construction team to continue the trialling of technology with the goal of digitising all processes in the company, and we aim to deliver a paperless jobsite by 2022. Our employees now link continuous improvement to Building Smart, and Lean Construction, BIM, and Field Software are at the heart of everything we do at Ardmac. We have found that linking all the three pillars enhances the results by bringing greater clarity. Groups and people across disciplines work in tandem rather than in conflict as we work towards common goals, and this allows people at all levels of the organisation to make decisions that help us become more efficient through linking their efforts to Building Smart. The use of digital tools has also been a massive benefit for us during the current pandemic and has allowed large portions of our support teams to continue to be productive whilst not being physically present on our sites. This has a positive effect on our supply chain also. We collaborate with supply chain partners in the same manner using the same systems, and they also benefit from having access to clear and current information filtered to their specific scope of works. This greatly reduces frustration in sourcing information or the impact of additional costs due to rework. We believe that our supply chain is a crucial part of what we do and we are happy to support them in this manner. Finally, we are very much client focused and maximise value for our customers. All these initiatives are implemented with the customer in mind. Customers can see real-time project information on any mobile device and the approvals processes can be managed easily including RFIs, Submittals, and Punches. These digital processes not only improve efficiencies for Ardmac but also for our clients. They enable us to be more competitive at tender stage while allowing us to deliver projects faster without compromising safety or quality. Building Smart allows us to consistently deliver excellence across multiple sectors and geographic regions. Lean Construction Techniques Field Management Software BIM Figure 6. SMART Pillars