Contents Lean Construction Ireland Annual Book of Cases 2020 Case 7 Ardmac began its Lean journey in 2015 through client demand and implemented the Last Planner® System (LPS) in response to this client demand. After the successes of the LPS as its first Lean initiative, Ardmac has strived to bring Lean to the forefront of all activities across the entire business. In February 2019, Ardmac started to integrate its Field Management System (FMS) for use across all projects. That was another progression along Ardmac’s Lean journey as it allowed the management of all phases and aspects of projects, from pre-development and bidding to project completion. The latest progression in Ardmac’s Lean journey is using Quick Response (QR) codes to store all information on each individual room in one single location on its FMS. This initiative started on one of our current projects for our Client, WuXi Biologics in Dundalk. Encompassing 13,000 sq.m., this project comprises the construction of multiple cleanroom systems, including walk-on-ceilings, modular partitions, lights, terminal filter housings, floor finishes, doors with door automation, and installation of downflow booths. This case describes the project information storage practices and procedures prior to and following Lean implementation, an overview of Ardmac’s FMS, and the approach to implementing the use of QR codes as a pilot initiative on the WuXi Biologics project. Traditional Project Information Procedure and Storage Method Before Ardmac’s adoption of its FMS, we relied upon completing handwritten inspections, quality walks, safety walks on the site, and then going back to the office to scan, email, and upload all the information to the relevant parties. It was difficult to keep record of all information and it was a very time-consuming activity which led Ardmac to take the decision to implement its FMS as part of this Lean initiative. Overview of the Field Management System There are currently several FMS available in the construction sector. Ardmac’s FMS allows us to manage all phases and aspects of projects, from pre-development and bidding to project completion. The FMS streamlines construction management in many ways, from easy document searches to automated delivery of documents and revisions to team members. The software maintains daily logs, progress reports, drawings, requests for information (RFI), schedules, specifications, submittals, and timecards. It also supports integrations with quality and safety software, and provides field productivity management tools and construction financials. It also enables team members to use these features on any of their devices, wherever they are located and in real time. Company Overview Ardmac ardmac.com Overview & Background to the Lean Initiative Aaron Clifford Author Lean Initiative Undertaken – Lean Thinking, Tools, Techniques Ardmac is an international construction specialist delivering complex and high-value workspaces and technical environments. Headquartered in Dublin, and with offices in Manchester, Craigavon, and Brussels, Ardmac employs over 300 people and provides specialist services to the commercial fit-out, life sciences, and data centre sectors. Ardmac’s vision is to be “the contractor of choice for clients, and the workplace of choice for great people”. Ardmac’s mission is “to consistently provide the ultimate solution for high value working environments through continuous investment in the best people, technology, and processes”.