Contents Lean Construction Ireland Annual Book of Cases 2020 34 Ca e 8 A total of 114 innovation ideas were generated, and 43% of these were assessed as having high ease of implementation and high impact. The rough order of magnitude cost-saving calculation for these projects was estimated as being between $18M and $72M, applying +/-50% accuracy limits. This study proved to be an unusual and innovative application of the well-established DMAIC approach, and it helped identify $36M of project cost savings that had a high degree of ease of implementation. Thanks to the multidisciplinary team conducting this project, the DMAIC approach has been demonstrated to be a highly effective strategy for the development of a global innovation roadmap. The development of a global innovation roadmap using a DMAIC approach has enabled DPS ATG to become a learning organisation. In a learning organisation, employees generate, attain, and transmit knowledge through the company, and the process of generating an innovation roadmap has created mechanisms for employees to develop, acquire, and transfer innovative knowledge throughout DPS ATG and which will enable us to add greater value for our employees, partners, and clients. Lean Initiative Improvements & Impact