Lean Construction Ireland Annual Book of Cases 2021 30 check sheet and the time it took to conduct an audit.The sequence of questions was also reviewed to correspond with our filing system to make the system most efficient for our auditors. Our visual inspection lists were also assessed at that time to ensure that we captured a sufficient range of construction elements that required inspection across all CSA and MEP elements. Additional items are assessed during each audit, and it is clear where improvements have been made along with new opportunities for our staff and teams to focus on.There have been 412 audits carried out across 23 projects in recent years, which demonstrates our continued focus on Quality Control within DBL.The number of audits depends on the number of projects live at any given time, and 37 audits were carried out between 01.10.20 and 25.03.21. The average score over this period was 95.6 which was achieved following a key focus on our action plan items and the top five common items identified during that period. Figure 6. Audit Findings Overall, our target to reach 95 and above was achieved and this is a successful outcome for our organisation.DBL will continue to raise its standards and achieve those high expectations with our Quality Management System throughout our company to ensure that we continue to deliver best-in-class service to our internal and external customers including our clients and end users. The next phase of the project will be to focus on improving new opportunities identified during the period 01.10.20-26.03.21, and we have seen improvements with the current status showing consistency in achieving 95 and above from Mar 2021-Aug 2021. DBL also monitors its KPIs on a monthly basis, and this is a critical aspect to improving all opportunities identified on an ongoing basis and coincides with our PDCA procedures.The cycle of continuously improving will continue as data is gathered throughout the auditing process to identify opportunities that can and will be improved to raise our standards further. In terms of training and development,85 of our staff have undertaken various Lean training courses, including the LCi Lean Pass (via Crystal Lean Solutions),Yellow Belt training,Green Belt training and Diploma inQuality Management – Lean Systems at the University of Limerick. Our focus on Continuous Improvement, Automation, and Standardisation is key to the continued success at DBL, and we look forward to our ongoing Lean Construction journey. DBL has managed to retain its target of 95 and above average, and, in some cases, projects have exceeded 96. Benefits from our regular audits are shared amongst our project teams and clients,by way of reducing waste through eliminating defects, rework, introducing change management, and eliminating over-production for the benefit of the project. Other benefits to our comprehensive auditing system include ensuring that we continue to deliver a competitive service and continuation of delivering high-quality right first time everytime. Our systematic approach ensures our Quality Management system minimises rework, which is closely linked with our auditing system. Credit must be given to our project management and quality management team and quality auditors for their continued endeavours to deliver high-quality projects for our clients on each and every project. Case 7