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Contents Lean Construction Ireland Annual Book of Cases 2020 13 Case 3 Jones Eng i neer i ng Jones Engineering Group is a leading global, mechanical, electrical, and fire protection contractor operating in 14 countries across Europe and the Middle East. The original company was set up by Harry O’Neil in 1890 and, to this day, it has continued his vision of prioritising education, training, and innovation. Over the last century, Jones Engineering has grown sustain- ably in both size and reputation, with a turnover of approx. € 700m and personnel of over 3,500 people worldwide. Jones Engineering has been applying Lean principles for many years, and recognising the benefits it brings to the firm, our, clients and the industry as a whole. This com- mitment has fostered our dynamic, knowledge-driven, and customer-focused concentration on creating value-add and eliminating waste. Company Overview Jones Engineering Group joneseng.com Overview & Background to the Lean Initiative Niall O’Donnell Peter Ennis Authors Figure 1. Jones Engineering Maintenance Services approach to Lean Waste Analysis Jones Engineering Services provide engineering mainte- nance services to our clients throughout Ireland. We offer a single source maintenance and asset care solution for facilities, covering all aspects of mechanical, electrical, fire protection, heavy lifting, and instrumentation across all sectors utilising a Computerised Maintenance Manage- ment Solution (CMMS) with a 24-hour helpdesk for more than 500 clients. Our intention is to remain at the forefront of our industry by providing quality service within schedule and budgetary constraints, developing innovative systems and strategies for the future, and continuing to build upon the engineering and technical excellence which has long been associated with Jones Engineering. With a large operation in a dynamic environment, flexibility in management and availability of resources is necessary for the delivery of maintenance services to customers with as little waste as possible. At Jones Engineering, we recognise that the key behind Lean thinking is that service/maintenance department processes and client requirements are inseparable and complement each other to sustain the competitive edge of any organisation. To identify ways of improving the production process, we identified the 8 wastes of Lean Maintenance and Reliability and streamlined our CMMS system. This eliminates processes that do not add value to the customer, inefficiencies in processes, and variations in the pace of services.