Contents Lean Construction Ireland Annual Book of Cases 2020 59 Case 15 In September 2019, Modubuild was approached by this case study’s client – a large international biopharma company – that is developing a multi-phase manufacturing facility and it challenged Modubuild to develop and deliver a turnkey fast- track 900m2 BSL3 twin-storey laboratory for the propagation of cell cultures used in the manufacturing of vaccines. Setting a complex and challenging set of parameters and deliverables, the client required the project to be designed, procured, and constructed in a 20-week period. During this 20-week period, Modubuild was required to deliver a complete turnkey building, including CSA and MEP packages, fitted furniture, finishes, FAT, transport to site, and module installation. By applying Lean strategy to this project, Modubuild used its extensive modular experience and learnings to harness a hybrid construction approach of traditional stick-build methods and incorporated those into a modular volumetric off-site concept and design. By providing a structural steel frame, flexible concrete floor screeds, architectural cladding and roofing, coupled with internal CSA package and a complex MEP scope, Modubuild delivered this complex project to 92% completeness within the 20-week period. Company Overview Modubuild modubuild.net Overview & Background to the Lean Initiative James Blanchfield Brian Gallagher Authors Formed in 2006, Modubuild specialises in the delivery of internal modular fitout and high-tech, turnkey, modular off-site buildings. With significant year-on-year growth, the company has focused its business model towards high- tech manufacturing, biopharma, pharmaceutical, and data centres. Headquartered from Kilkenny, the company operates on an international basis with offices in Manchester, Brussels, Amsterdam, and Helsinki. Lean thinking is part of the DNA at Modubuild and has been central to the company’s growth and success. Operations are not framed within the business as Lean, but more as an unconscious part of daily activities within a learning enterprise. With Lean thinking central to the company’s operations, Modubuild has constantly evolved and applied CI and VSM to its operations. Across the business, Modubuild strive for Operational Excellence (OpEx), using Kaizen and CI as a key business focus. The company’s approach is that everything must add value and operations and processes can always be improved. Data is collected across all business departments and collated to develop thematic trends and provide pertinent data towards how operations function. This data can then be developed to provide clients with the most efficient, professional, and comprehensive service possible. Figure 1. Modubuild Off-Site Fabrication Facility Figure 2. Module Loading at the Modubuild Off-Site Fabrication Facility