Contents Lean Construction Ireland Annual Book of Cases 2020 62 Ca e 15 any alterations or comment on any final quality topics prior to site delivery. Importantly, this stage provided the client with certainty and comfort that the building operated to fully meet their deliverables and expectations. With design and construction having commenced in September 2019, the completed building was in position and ready for module delivery from Modubuild’s off-site facility in Kilkenny during the first week of February 2020. The separation andweather wrapping of individual modules coincided with the commencement of groundworks at the final building location on site. Just five months after placing its order with Modubuild, the client received delivery of 18 11m long x 4.5m wide x 4.5m high mega-modules. The transport of the mega-modules was coordinated with oversized load experts, Aylward Haulage, and relevant local authorities and councils. The first mega-modules arrived on site on 14 February 2020, and, following 9 days of module installation, a two-storey weather-tight building was fully in situ. This was the point where extrinsic factors affected progress as severe weather conditions impacted installation progress – without having encountered two significant storms, installation would have been achieved in just 5 days. Onsite activities continued, including reconnecting and commissioning of electrical, HVAC, process, owner-furnished and contractor-installed equipment. The building consisted of 65 CSA and MEP systems. There were a number of these systems commissioned during a short period and as they became available. The remaining systems were completed over an expedited period after returning to site following the Covid-19 restrictions. Critically for the client, they were considered to be essential workers. As the laboratory was facility-ready with systems operational and owner equipment in place, end-user staff could move into the building to commence placebo operations within the building during the Covid-19 lockdown. For the client, the BSL3 laboratory is considered to be a mission-critical element of infrastructure essential for successful manufacturing of life-saving drug vaccines within its main production facility. Without a functional and high-quality BSL3 laboratory, the manufacturing processes could not commence. Failure or delayed delivery would have resulted in serious impact on the functions of the client organisation. For these reasons, it was of critical importance that the completed building was constructed and delivered in a fully scalable, replicable, facility-ready, plug-and-play condition within the 20-week time parameter. By approaching this fast-track and complex project with vol- umetric off-site construction, and by applying contemporary Lean thinking, Modubuild delivered, and in many cases ex- ceeded, client expectations, deliverables, and requirements. From concept design through to project completion, the key focus was to optimise, manage, efficiently plan, coordinate, and execute all intrinsic elements. Through developing an accurate LPS, Modubuild created its basis for successful completion of the intrinsic elements of scope, including design, procurement, off-site construction, module delivery, and site installation. Waste removal and addition of value was a key priority. By ensuring detailed and efficient collaboration across the entire value stream, the project team created an environment for swift and effective decision-making. Importantly, resources were accurately planned and this ensured that all personnel were always adding value. Interestingly, through planning resources and workload, data shows that the project was completed with approximately 45% less personnel than would have been otherwise required on a traditional on-site build equivalent. Success in delivery of quality was a significant achievement on the project. All punch-list items were closed-out at the off-site facility prior to delivery. This ensured that the client received a completed facility-ready building and did not need to wait for extended periods for close-out of any snags or punch-list items. Following installation of modules and connection of systems, the building was ready with zero defects reported. This copper fastened Modubuild’s pre-requisite of waste elimination. Using Lean thinking and practices to provide a completed volumetric modular off-site building on time and with zero defects allowed the client to move into operations approximately 12 months earlier than would have been possible through traditional construction. Essentially, this empowered the client to produce its life- saving vaccines 1-year earlier than planned – the ultimate definition of value-add for such a client. Figure 5. Plant Room & FAT Testing Station completed off-site Lean Initiative Improvements & Impact